Sikar: Girl's six-month-old fetus found in a polyethylene bag


A six-month-old fetus of a girl was found in a pile of garbage in a fence situated on Sikri's Piprali Raid. On Piprali Raade, a woman arrived to pick up garbage in a soaked plot behind the Suraj computer and found a khaki-colored cartoon. When she felt a lot of weight, she looked at him and the woman was stunned.

The newborn had a fetus in a plastic bag. He informed the people present there. People called and informed about this at Udyog Nagar police station. ASI Nathu Singh said that the embryo was wrapped in a plastic bag and inserted inside the carton. The police have kept the viscera for the post-mortem examination. The body of the body was buried in Buchyani by the city council. The matter is under investigation.

Innocent was of 100 grams

The weight of a 6-month-old fetus was 100 grams. The hair on the head also did not develop. Stretched nails started growing on the fingers of hands and feet. She was completely naked and there was not even a cloth wrapped on the body. Police have expressed the possibility that someone has thrown him into a plot full of garbage late at night. Police are checking CCTV footage of the neighborhood. It is being investigated whether the delivery was done at home or brought from the hospital and it was thrown here. It is being investigated.