Side effects of the epidemic: Mobile phones spoiled the habit of children, parents upset


The Corona epidemic caused major changes in the economic, social sphere. Due to this situation, the most victims of the situation have been young children. In these children, the worst side effects have been on children. Mohit Sharma provides counseling services in the case of young children. It is said that children are now looking for something most at home, so that is a mobile phone with internet. In the last 10 months, children have become addicted to playing games on mobile phones. He is hiding and looking at the mobile in the house. This is becoming a major headache for parents.

Children also shocked parents and relatives

Listen to Rohit Dhuppad Rohit, found at the bookstore, says that the first few Punjabi, Bhojpuri songs started coming on Facebook Messenger from his mobile phone on his mobile phone. He also gave a counter-message on this a couple of times, but one day he was shocked. Explains that a pornographic video clip came on Facebook Messenger. When the clip came two or three times, he talked to his relative. Relatives were absolutely unknown. In two-three days, after giving attention to his relatives, he said that this was done by a 7-year-old child studying in a renowned school in his third grade. Dhrupad says that now his relatives are constantly keeping his child under surveillance.

Giving mobile to children is dangerous, but also helpless

Mayank, a teacher at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, says giving mobile phones to children is dangerous, but it is also the biggest helplessness in the Corona era. Children can be educated through mobile phone app only. A source providing information technology services for a Delhi-based public school says that mobiles or tablets were the most suitable for online education in the Corona era. The source says that all the households have more than one child. It is not possible to have the availability of a laptop or desktop for everyone. While studying from desktop or laptop is better than mobile or laptop. Due to the big screen, parents can also see the movement, but there are many apps that do not perform on desktop or laptop. Therefore, it became a compulsion to give mobile phones to children. No complaints related to its side effects are also coming.

The school will open a little time and everything will be alright

Kendriya Vidyalaya teacher US Mishra says that there was no other way to continue studying online. Who knew that a corona-like infection would occur. Mishra says that mobile phone is attracting everyone. Doing children too. Parents have complaints, but after school opens everything will be fine in some time. Mishra says that in the Corona period, especially in metros, children could not be able to meet their friends and play with them. Did not even play physical labor games. This problem was more in the metros. Children were tied up in small houses, flats, and TV, mobile was the only means of entertainment. Mishra says that even if the time has become ten months, the parents also gradually stopped monitoring. That's why people are having problems. Mishra says that the schools are about to open and I feel that gradually everything will be normal.

Young children will be back on track, elders need more attention

Vashistha Narayan Pathak has retired as a counselor in Delhi. He says that all children, big and small, will have an addiction to mobile phones. This is natural. Nowadays, children of class six-seven have started getting phones in schools. Children studying in good public schools have more complaints. The reader says that the young children get molded easily in the new system after a few days, but parents who are studying in the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th classes should pay attention to the parents because Both of them spoil the same age.