Salute to bravery: the soldiers surrounded in the forest gave a befitting reply till the bullets were finished.


Where the Naxalites attacked the security personnel on Saturday in Bijapur is a very inaccessible area. Nevertheless, the soldiers fought with light machine guns of the Naxalites and the IED attack till the last bullet. Despite being surrounded by thick forests on three sides, security forces and cobra commandos gave a befitting reply to the Naxalites.

The soldiers continued firing with trees until their bullets were exhausted. He ensured that the Naxalites could not stay in front of him much longer despite their favorable circumstances.

According to sources, the security forces personnel started a search operation later in the afternoon on the secret information of the presence of Naxalites in the areas around the border of the Bijapur-Sukma district. Two Inspector General (IG) rank officers of the state police and CRPF from Jagdalpur in Bastar were monitoring the operation.

He was reported to have practiced retaliation by the Naxalites in the Jagargunda-Jongaguda region. Teams of security forces from six camps were deployed to stop them. On Saturday, while the jawans were in the area, the Naxals attacked them.

According to officials, seven bodies of security personnel were found in one place. Most of the jawans were shot dead, while one fell unconscious and died due to lack of water.

40 lakh prize is 33 years old

Madavi Hidma aka Hidmanna, worth 40 lakh, is behind the attack. Hidma, a 33-year-old resident of Poovarti village in Sukma, is the head of the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army First Battalion operating in the Sukma-Bijapur area of ​​South Bastar and specializes in ambush.

Hidma's team consists of 180 to 250 Naxalites, including women. Hidma is believed to be the mastermind of killing 25 CRPF personnel in Sukma on March 11 and attacking a Congress convoy in Jeeram Valley in May 2013 to kill 32 people. Also, in April 2010, he is also believed to be behind the martyrdom of 76 CRPF jawans in Dantewada.

This is the second major Naxalite attack in 10 days ...

This is the second major Naxalite attack in the last 10 days. Earlier, on March 23, Maoists in the Narayanpur district detonated an IED and blew up a bus carrying security personnel, in which five DRG personnel were killed and 14 were injured.

Why lost soldiers lost their lives, strategic lapse or negligence

Planning failure

Martyrdom is considered a failure at the level of the action plan. 400 Naxalites laid siege to 700 jawans and fired on them for three hours. The rescue team could not reach the dead bodies even after 24 hours. The situation is when the presence of a large number of Naxalites in the area was reported in photographs taken from the drone for 20 days.

Naxalite alert due to the presence of officers

Apart from Vijay Kumar, senior security advisor of the center and former director-general of CRPF, IG operations and other officers have been in Bijapur, Raipur, and Jagdalpur area for the last 20 days. Their presence alerted the Naxalites.

Strategy change

Experts of gorilla fighting believe that the same strategy should not be adopted over a long period of time. Naxalites find the cut of that strategy.

More reliance on technology

Technology has become the main medium to know the movement of Naxalites. People associated with Naxalite operations believe that the operation cannot be planned only on this basis.

The intelligence system was weak

Officers have been focusing more on looting accolades by surrendering. In such a situation, the information received from the intelligence system is reduced.

Salute to the martyrs, sacrifices cannot be forgotten.

My condolences to the bereaved families. The country will never forget the sacrifice. - Ramnath Kovind, President

They fought with great courage and their sacrifice will never be forgotten. - Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister

The Congress government of Chhattisgarh will continue to provide all possible help to the forces in the fight. - Sonia Gandhi, Congress President

Martyr jawan

District Reserve Guard: Sub-Inspector Deepak Bhardwaj, Chief Constable Ramesh Kumar Juri, Narayan Sodhi, Jawan Ramesh Korsa, Subhash Naik, Assistant Soldiers Kishore Andrik, Sankuram Sodhi, Bhosaram Kartami

STF: Shravan Kashyap, Sukh Singh Persia, Ramdas Korram, Jagataram Kanwar, Ramashankar Paikra, Shankaranath

Cobra Battalion: Inspector Dilipkumar Das, Chief Constable Rajkumar Yadav, Jawan Shambhu Rai, Dharmadev Kumar, SM Krishna, R Jagdish, Bablu Rabha

Bastaria Battalion: Jawan Samaiya Maravi

Recent major attacks

09 April 2019: Attack on BJP MLA Bhima Mandavi's car in Dantewada. The MLA and his four security personnel lost their lives.

April 24, 2017: 25 CRPF personnel were martyred in Durgapal, Sukma.

25 May 2013: Congress leaders' convoy attacked in Bastar. Former Union Minister Vidyacharan Shukla, 30 including state president Nand Kumar Patel were killed.

France said, we are with India ... French Ambassador to India Emmanuel Leinen said in his message on Twitter, "I am sorry for the family of the martyred soldiers." He wrote that France stands with India in every fight against terrorism.