Roodkee: 50 people get sick after eating bread made of poultry flour, vomiting-diarrhea complaint


After the fast in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, the health of 50 people worsened after eating bread made of buckwheat flour. It is being told that all these people fasting on Navratri ate bread made of Kuttu flour in the night after the first day's fast was over. Shortly after eating, every one complained of vomiting and diarrhea and started to get worse. After the health of these people living in the vicinity of Roorkee, they were immediately sent to nearby hospitals. Some people who were terminally ill were discharged from hospitals after first aid at night, while some people Treatment is still underway.

CMS Sanjay Kansal says that the condition of all patients admitted to hospitals is normal. These people had eaten bread made of poultry flour, after which their health suddenly deteriorated. Here, police also reached the spot as soon as a large number of people fell ill and received information about their hospitalization. Police and Food Safety Department officials reached Mandi and instructed to take samples of Kuttu flour.

Food Safety Officer Santosh Kumar says that if the samples of kuttu flour are found to be bad then they will be destroyed. Also, the shopkeepers to whom this flour has been sold will be recalled from there. Here, the police are continuously conducting checking operations after this incident.