Rising sea level poses threat to millions of people: Ministry of Earth Sciences


According to satellite data from the European Space Agency (ESA), the level of seawater is constantly rising. The Ministry of Earth Sciences said on Sunday that it could threaten the lives of crores of people living in coastal areas.

Ministry Secretary Madhavan Rajeevan wrote a retweet of ESA Earth Observation saying that global warming is the main reason behind rising sea level. A graph was added to the tweet from ESA Earth Observation, which shows the sea surface elevation change.

Rajeevan wrote in the tweet, "Data provided by ESA shows that on an average since 1993, the global secondary sea water level has been increasing at a speed of 3 millimeters every year." The average rise in sea level shows that the height of the surface increases by 3 mm every year.

Satellite data can prove extremely useful in assessing this increase, which is largely due to global warming. This poses a threat to the crores of people living in coastal areas.

Explain that due to human activities, the heat of the Earth's climate system is constantly increasing, which is called global warming. Human activities are increasing the level of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere, in which heat is not being trapped in the upper atmosphere. The results of its negative effects are being seen continuously. These include uncertain seasonal patterns and glaciers, icy surface melting at the poles, which are causing sea level rise.