Recovery from factories, rent is not taken in buses by taking names ... This was some fear of Vikas Dubey


The name of Vikas Dubey, accused of killing 8 policemen in Kanpur, is on the tongue of everyone today. For more than 30 years, Vikas Dubey is in awe in Kanpur and nearby districts and the name of Vikas Dubey is behind the killing of influential people. Vikas Dubey went to jail many times, but he fears that no evidence could stand firmly. Neither the administration nor the public nor anyone else said anything about Vikas Dubey out of fear. The most important thing about Vikas Dubey is that he flourished during Mayawati's BSP government and also made a lot of money by committing criminal activities. After this, when the Samajwadi Party government came, it kept protecting itself by staying in touch with some ruling leader.

The police and the STF of the entire state have been trailing behind the boy who went from beating the people to avenging the father's insult 3 decades ago, who roamed the Bullet Gang. But this is not a new name for the people of Bikaru village and surroundings. He feared that at one time no one could drink even water without allowing development. Factories used to bring it to the charity and buses were not used for hire.

Vikas himself as police and court, Vikas

People say that Vikas himself as police and court in the surrounding 8-10 villages. He used to roam the police of Chaubepur police station by keeping it in his pocket. In no case did the police come to the village. He used to beat ruthlessly from children to elders only on a minor matter. It was a minor thing for him to break his arms and legs. Whether it was the purchase or sale of land, the illegal possession, or the murder of someone for money, including fraud, he did everything easily and survived in the absence of evidence. People do not give statements against him in fear. His fear is such that people want to go to Vikas Dubey instead of police to solve their big and small quarrel. In such a situation, the police are sitting hand in hand.

People were shocked by his havoc

Villagers point out that in 1992 there was communal violence. Vikas wreaked havoc here. Many people lost their memory. Many died in shock. Some such elders still exist in the village. Due to political patronage, his hair was not deterred.

The head of the Bullet Gang, who took the lead, killed people in another village

Vikas formed the Bullet Gang by patronizing local leaders in the early 90s. The youngsters, who were carrying bullets openly on a bullet bike, committed minor crimes and spread their legs in Chaubepur, Shivli, and Bilhaur. The experiment was successful and Vikas became the head of all. Development was brutal from the beginning. In 1990, Vikas entered the nearby Dibba Nawada village to avenge his father's insult and beat up people. After this, he stepped into the world of Jarayam and now after killing 8 policemen, the police of the whole state are looking for him.

The plundering of goods from trucks left-hand game

For development, the task of looting goods in trucks was very easy. Under the patronage of the leaders, looted goods like potato and oil tin were distributed in Bikaru village. This was the reason that to date no person of Bikaru village was opposed to development. They were ready to go to any level of development. Not only this, but there was also no fare for private buses running in the area after mentioning the name of development. Many bus stands run his henchmen. A villager alleged that in the name of naïve youths of Vikas village, licenses were given to the realities. The police never investigated. He is also accused of getting the house registered in the name of many people in the PM Awas Yojana.

Used to recover from factories, permission was to be taken to fill water from the well

The fear of Vikas Dubey was such that around 400 factories used to send him for the offering. He used to get annual donations from well-known factories. The second major source of growth was to buy the controversial property. It was necessary to tax the development on the purchase and sale of any property in the area. At the same time, according to the local people, many years ago there were no taps for water in the village. When there was a water problem, people used to come to fill water from the well near the development house. For this, he had to take permission from Dubai. He would beat mercilessly when he filled water without permission. Many times, he even tried to put those who had fallen into the well and killed him.

Let me tell you, in 2001, when the BJP was in power in the state under the leadership of Rajnath Singh, Vikas Dubey entered Santosh Shukla and killed a minister-level BJP leader in the police station in broad daylight. Two policemen were also martyred in this incident. After this massacre, Vikas Dubey swept across the state and his fear increased so much that he started speaking. Vikas was arrested in this murder case, but no policeman or other people stated him, due to which he was released. Vikas Dubey got Kanpur cable businessman Dinesh Dubey murdered in 2004. Whichever party the government is in the state, Vikas Dubey had a relationship with some big leader and due to this, he was saved after every scandal. Vikas Dubey later contested the BSP-linked panchayat level election and for a long time, he or one of his family has been winning panchayat elections.