Record made on the first day of the vaccination campaign, doses are given to more than 8 million people; PM Modi said- Well done India


The new vaccination policy of the central government against the coronavirus has become effective from Monday on the occasion of International Yoga Day. Under this new policy, the central government will buy 75 percent of their product from companies producing vaccines in the country and give it to the states free of cost. A few days ago, PM Narendra Modi announced a major change in the vaccination policy. Regarding vaccination under the new policy, the Union Health Ministry has informed that on the first day of the implementation of the revised guidelines, more than 80 lakh people were given doses of corona vaccine till 8 pm for vaccination, which is a record in itself. is.

Congratulating PM Narendra Modi, he said that today's record-breaking vaccination numbers are pleasing. The vaccine remains our strongest weapon to fight Kovid. Congratulations to all those who got vaccinated and to all frontline warriors to ensure that so many citizens get the vaccine. Well done India.

States have more than three crore doses available

According to the Ministry of Health, more than three crore doses are available with the states at present and further vaccines will be supplied according to their performance. The Center has asked the states to vaccinate as many people as possible without worrying about the supply of vaccines and focus on the provision of an adequate cold chain.

Monitoring the work of the states

In the fourth phase of vaccination that started on May 1, the central government used to buy 50 percent of the vaccine. The quota of 25 percent state governments and 25 percent private sector hospitals was fixed. Prime Minister Modi on June 7 announced free vaccination for all people above the age of 18 years. Under this, now the center will also buy 25 percent of the quota of the state governments and give them to the states. The work of the states will be only to vaccinate and monitor it.

Aim to vaccinate all eligible people this year

The government has set a target to vaccinate everyone above the age of 18 by the end of this year. The population of this class is between 90-95 crores. Accordingly, 180-190 crore doses will be required. According to the figures, till 8 am on Sunday, 27.62 crore doses have been applied.

Target to do 80-90 lakh doses per day

At present, an average of 30 lakh vaccines is being administered daily. In this way, a total of 30 crore doses will be administered by June. After that, the government will be left with six months i.e. 180 days. 150-160 crore doses will have to be applied in this. In this way, an average of 80-90 lakh doses will be required per day. The government's effort is to inject one crore doses per day by the end of July.