Record death from COVID-19 in the country, more than 2000 people died in a day, 2.95 lakh new patients came in 24 hours


Kovid-19 holds the record for the most deaths due to rapid vaccination in India. More than 2,000 people infected with the coronavirus have died in a single day. On Tuesday, 1,761 people died of the coronavirus. It was also a record, but on Wednesday, all the records of death were broken. The Health Ministry says that 2.95 lakh new corona patients have come up in the country within 24 hours. The number of active corona patients in the country has crossed 21 lakh 57 thousand. With this, more than 16 lakh people were investigated for corona. During 24 hours, 519 deaths have been reported in Maharashtra, 277 in Delhi, 191 in Chhattisgarh, and 162 in Uttar Pradesh.

One out of every four corona infected people in the world

This is the first time since October last year that India had the highest number of one-day corona infections among countries around the world. India is at the forefront of the list of corona patients received daily in countries around the world. The situation in the country is so bad that one out of every four corona infected people in the world is coming from India. India leads the average number of new infections occurring worldwide every day. However, India ranks second in terms of the total number of infections. The United States remains the leading nation in the number of corona infections. In the US, 1433 corona infectives have died in 24 hours. In America, the number of dead has crossed 40 thousand, and more than seven lakh 64 thousand people are infected. Experts have blamed the new variants of Corona for this.

The US advised not to travel to India, Britain added to the Red List

On the other hand, the United States has advised its citizens not to travel to India. The US State Department has said that even though you have been vaccinated, you have survived the trip to India. The UK has been listed on the Red List due to the increasing number of Corona patients in India. Hong Kong and New Zealand have banned Indian flights. The Health Ministry has said that Singapore has toughened the rules for Indian travelers. Indian travelers going to Singapore will have to stay for 14 days.

Vaccine production will be affected due to interruption in the supply of raw materials

The special thing is that the coronavirus death record in the country has gone up at a time when Indian pharmaceutical companies that manufacture corona vaccine have said that the production capacity of the vaccine may be affected in May due to the non-availability of raw materials from the US and European countries. Will have to. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the pharmaceutical companies making the vaccine will not face any kind of problem. Let us know that due to the ongoing Kumbh Mela, political rallies, and social festivals in Haridwar, the number of corona infected has increased rapidly.

Increase in the number of beds for corona patients

Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry said that the number of beds for corona patients in central government-run hospitals in Delhi was 510 on March 1, which has now increased four-fold to 2,105. The ministry said that of these 2,105 beds, 1,875 are oxygen-rich and 230 ICU beds. The ministry said that it is continuously making efforts to increase the number of beds in the center-run hospitals for the sake of corona patients. Apart from this, regional hospitals and temporary medical centers are being constructed with the help of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. With the help of DRDO, 250 ICU beds started operating on 19 April in Dhaulakuan.