Ramlila of film stars starts in Ayodhya, Shiva-Parvati dialogues begin


The nine-day Ramlila began on Saturday at the Laxman Fort complex on the Saryu coast. On the first day, film stars staged dialogue including Shiva-Parvati. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are talking to each other on Mount Kailash. The stage decorated like Mount Kailash seemed synonymous with grandeur. Parvati Ji says to Shiva that your glory is famous in all the three locos. If you are happy with me and consider me a true maid, then Lord! Remove my ignorance by telling a different type of story of Shri Raghunath Ji.

At the insistence of Parvati ji, Shiva is muddled and says there is no one like you. You have been asked for Ram Katha, like Ganga, who purifies all the people by asking the context of Ram Ji.

In this way, the Bhav Bhoomi of Ramkatha gradually began to be prepared on the stage with Shiva Parvati dialogues.

He tells Mata Parvati for the birth of Ram, that Jab Jab Hoi Dharam Ka Loss. Flooding asura arrogant. Then, then the Lord Dharī varied body. Harhin Kripanidhi Sajjan Pira…. O Parvati, whenever there is the loss of religion and low, arrogant asuras increase when Kripanidhi Shri Hari holds many types of body and suffers the devotees.

Narada appears in another scene. In the role of Narada, Bollywood eminent artist Asrani leaves a deep impression on the audience. Narada rejoices in the picturesque mountainous region and within a short time, he attains samadhi. The next scene on the stage is presented as a dialogue between Indra and Kamadeva. Indra requests Kamadeva to break the tomb of Devarshi Narada.

Earlier, the nine-day Virtual Ramlila with Ganesh Vandana began its presentation. Ganesh Vandana, which lasted for about 25 minutes, showcased the skills of music, technical, and artists. Ganesh Vandana continues to fascinate the audience. The story of Rama's birth will be staged by the parents of Shravan on the second day of the story, including the curse of King Dasharatha.