Rajasthan News: Only 293 new corona patients are found in the state!


In Rajasthan, the effect of the coronavirus is decreasing now. Only 293 new corona infected patients have been found in the state in the last one day. Seven months ago, such a number of corona patients were found in the state.

That is, on June 14, 293 corona patients were found in Rajasthan. At the same time, for the first time in seven months, less than ten new corona infected people have been found in 27 districts of the state.

The least corona patients have been found since last July 21 in the capital Jaipur. Only 63 new patients were found here on Tuesday.

While in the five districts of the state Churu, Dausa, Jalore, Jhunjhunu, and Pratapgarh, not a single corona patient has been found on Tuesday.

According to the latest figures, now only 6200 corona patients are being treated in Rajasthan.