Rajasthan News: N-95 masks will be available in the state for only Rs. 20, you can buy surgical masks for Rs. 3 at cooperative drug sales centers.


Because of the very rapid infection of the coronavirus in Rajasthan, the Cooperative Consumers Association will now provide the public with high-quality five-layer N-95 and three-layer surgical masks at affordable rates.

Giving information in this regard, Cooperation Minister Uday Lal Anjana said that the N-95 mask being provided by the consumer association has been made available for only Rs 20 per piece and 3 layers surgical mask is available at Rs 3 per piece, which is market rates Is much less than. These masks will be available at all cooperative drug sales centers.

Consumer Association Administrator and Registrar Cooperatives Muktanand Aggarwal said that the masks provided by the Consumers Association are valid under Indian standards as well as European and American standards. It is necessary to apply a high-quality mask to prevent corona.

N-95 masks are provided in 5 different colors and surgical masks in 2 colors so that the person can wear the mask according to the color of their choice.

Providing information in this regard, Consumer Association Managing Director VK Verma said that the N-95 mask is of five layers capable of intercepting small viruses up to 0.3 microns.