Rajasthan: Kirodilal Meena and Congress MLA Indira danced with women, View VIDEO


BJP MP Kirodilal Meena's dance video: Two dance videos of BJP Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Kirodilal Meena and Congress MLA Indira Meena with women have gone viral on social media. These videos are being told of a function held in the Bauman was area.

Jaipur. Known for his typical desi style and outspokenness, BJP's Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Kirodilal Meena (BJP MP Kirodilal Meena) is once again in the discussion. This time the reason for their discussion is the dances performed with women on folk songs. Apart from Dr. Meena, Congress MLA Indira Meena (Congress MLA Indira Meena) from the Bamanwas assembly constituency has also gone viral in a dance video. In these videos, both the public representatives are seen dancing fiercely to folk songs.

These videos, which are going viral on social media, are being told of some function organized in the Bamanwas area. Different dance videos of both are going viral. Among them, Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Kirodi Lal Meena Jahan is dancing with women in folk songs. At the same time, MLA Indira Meena is also seen immersed in the fun of folk songs with women.

Corona protocol flouted at the ceremony

In this ceremony organized during the Corona period, the Corona protocol was flouted fiercely. A lot more people are gathered in the ceremony than the prescribed number. During this, neither social distancing was taken care of nor the protocol of applying masks was being followed. Everyone was just dancing immersed in the fun. It was evident from this ceremony that Corona has gone.

This desi style of Meena attracts a lot of her voters.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Kirodilal Meena often appears in a desi style. Dr. Meena is always seen mingling with the people of his area. His method of protest is also very different from other leaders of the state. Dr. Meena, sometimes at the collectorate, sometimes in the hospital, and sometimes in other government offices, keep on protesting to get the demands of the general public. At the same time, their participation in local programs is seen a lot. This desi style of Meena attracts a lot of her voters.