Rajasthan: From today you will be able to travel in the first underground metro of Jaipur!


The capital Jaipur will get a special gift in the Corona period. After a long wait, now the first underground metro service will start in Jaipur. The people of the city will be able to travel on the metro from Badi Chaupar from 4 pm. CM Ashok Gehlot and UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal will inaugurate the VC Metro. On this occasion, CMD Bhaskar A Sawant of Metro will also be present.

After the inauguration of the metro, people will be able to travel in this metro at four in the evening. This metro will go from Badi Chaupar to Mansarovar. Travel will be possible only with a smart card.

The card is available at every Metro station for Rs 100. Out of this, Rs 50 will be the security amount, and Rs 50 will be able to travel. The special thing is that now the metro has kept the fares much cheaper. The fare of the metro between Chandpole to Badi Chaupar will be just 6 rupees, which is less than e-rickshaw. It took 10 years and 2 months to form.