Rajasthan Budget 2021: Chief Minister Gehlot will present the state budget tomorrow, special attention can be kept of common people


After the budget passed by the central government, now everyone's eyes are fixed on the budget of Rajasthan, please tell that the budget of this time will be made by the head of Rajasthan, Ashok Gehlot, because the finance ministry of Rajasthan is with him.

Let us tell you that the Chief Minister has prepared the third budget of the state of Ashok Gehlot, which Ashok Gehlot will present in the Legislative Assembly on the 24th of February i.e. for this, Ashok Gehlot will use the Tablet PC in soft copy tomorrow.

Let us know that tomorrow, Ashok Gehlot will also be given tablets to all the MLAs to understand the budget. It is important to note that Ashok Gehlot has already made it clear that he will take full care of common people and farmers in this budget.