Rajasthan: 3 children of the same family died due to drowning, the third had reached to save two brothers


Today an incident occurred in Ranasar village in Sardarshahar in Churu district which took away the happiness of a family. Here 3 children who went to drink water died due to drowning in Johar (Kund). It was told that all three children belong to the same family. Two brothers had slipped legs and the third had gone to save them. Mourning prevailed in the village as soon as the news of the death was received. The incident is from Churu and Hanumangarh border. Due to which, upon receipt of information about the incident, the police of Pallu police station of Hanumangarh reached the spot. After this, the children were admitted to the Morchari of the district hospital.

Surendra age 14 and Narendra age 12 years, both son Kishan Prajapat and Pankaj age 10 years old son Motiram Prajapat of village Dhani Ranasar had gone to Sardarshahar in Churu district to break the car. Then when both the brothers came to drink water in the nearby johad after getting thirsty, their foot slipped. After hearing the sound, the third brother, who was present there, landed in Johar to save him. Due to which he also drowned in water.

Sheep shepherds and other people present on the occasion informed the family about the incident. By the time relatives arrived at the scene, it was late. The relatives who reached the spot made a lot of effort to get the three children out of Johar but the children had died.

The family hurriedly informed the Bhanipura police and took the three to Pallu Hospital in Hanumangarh. Where doctors declared him dead. All three bodies have been kept in the mortuary. The Bhanipura police reached the information and got post mortem of the three dead bodies from the doctors and handed them over to the family.

Suddenly, hearing the news of the death of two real brothers of the same house and the third tau boy, there was grief in the whole village. The people of the village used to keep their families tied. Everyone was a pillar of this incident.