Rahul targeted the center regarding vaccination, Smriti taunt -boya ped babuul ka, aam kahan se hoye


On questioning the vaccination policy of the central government, Union Minister Smriti Irani taught a lesson to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from Kabir's couplet. In response to Rahul's criticism, Smriti said – sown a tree of acacia, where did you get mango from?

Rahul Gandhi had questioned the online registration for vaccination. He said that every person who can go to the vaccination center should get the vaccine. He said online registration for the vaccine is not enough. Everyone who reaches the vaccination center should be given the vaccine. Anyone who does not have access to the Internet has a right to live. After two hours, Smriti said - Where did the mango tree of the acacia tree come from? Those who are intelligent must understand. The central government has approved the states to register at the vaccination center. Don't spread confusion. Get the vaccine.

Let us inform you that the Central Government had issued a notification last month. It said that people in the age group of 18 to 44 years who do not have a smartphone or access to the Internet can visit the vaccination center and register on the Kovin digital platform and get the vaccine.