Rahul Gandhi attacks on center, because satellite photos clear that China entering Doklam


Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been continuously attacking the Center over the China border dispute. Meanwhile, on Monday, he has said that the reality of China's strategic preparedness on the border cannot be reduced through the media strategy.

Rahul Gandhi said it is not possible to cover the reality of Chinese strategy

Rahul tweeted, The reality of China's geopolitical strategy cannot be countered by a PR-driven media strategy. The people who run the Government of India do not understand this simple thing. Along with this, he has also posted a satellite picture of the construction work of the Chinese army in the Doklam region and said that this strategy of China is a threat to India and cannot be reduced without a concrete strategy.

Earlier on Sunday, Rahul Gandhi targeted the central government Sunday for dealing with the corona and lockdown and alleged that it pushed millions of people into poverty, endangering their health and compromising the future of the students.