Punjab: Wife beat to death in front of her son.


When the angry person dominates, nothing remains in his power and he commits the crime. A similar case came to light in the Paramjit Colony of Focal Point, Ludhiana, where a man was beaten to death on his wife's head in front of a four-year-old son on Tuesday night due to domestic discord. After the murder, the accused escaped.

When people came to know about the incident, they informed the police about it. On information, the police officer and the police of the police station focal point reached the spot. Shortly after the incident, Pradeep Kumar, who killed his wife Kamala Devi, was arrested. Police will present the accused in court on Thursday. The post-mortem of Kamala Devi will be done only after the relatives come from the village.

SHO Inspector Mohammad Jamil of Thana Focal Point said that Kamla Devi was originally from Khoteena, a village in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. Here she lived with her husband and four-year-old son. His daughter lives with family members in the village. For some time, Kamla and Pradeep used to have disputes about domestic matters. Due to this, there was often a fight between the two. On Tuesday night, there was a fight between the two. The quarrel grew so much that Pradeep murdered his wife in front of his four-year-old son. Inspector Mohammad Jamil said that the accused once escaped from there but he has been arrested. The family of the deceased Kamala Devi has been informed. Post mortem will be done only after his arrival.