Problem : Corona epidemic reduced 89 percent OPD, 80 percent less operations


The corona pandemic has had a serious impact on the country's medical system. Therefore, for one and a half years, where the whole country is fighting the epidemic, on the other hand, the treatment of non-Covid-19 patients has also become very difficult. The situation is that the corona epidemic has reduced 89% OPDs and 80 percent of operations.

A study was done on more than 6 lakh cases in Apollo Hospital

This has been disclosed by the doctors of Apollo Hospital in Delhi who have completed medical studies on the condition before and after corona. The study, published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, reviewed more than 6 lakh patients.

Doctors say that other diseases have not ended due to the corona epidemic, but the number of patients has come down. Fear among people about hospitals and the increasing number of infected patients can be the main reasons for this.

People did not reach the hospital due to fear of infection

Looking at the figures, people may feel that diseases have reduced in the country, but doctors say that in more cases, patients are not reaching the hospital for treatment due to fear. This fear can also be fatal for them because it will not affect the severity of the disease.

Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director of the hospital said that the epidemic also shows, in the last one to one and a half years, the number of patients in the therapy related to the respiratory system has increased by 314.02 percent. It is directly related to Corona. There is no increase in any other department.

Managing Director P Shivakumar said that bariatric surgery is done to get rid of obesity. It is life-saving for most patients, but this has resulted in the greatest reduction in surgery at 87.5 percent in the pandemic. After this, there has been a reduction of 65.45 percent in eye-related operations, while there has been a decrease of 32.28 percent in general operations.