Private jet booked for six pets, cost Rs 9.6 lakh


25-year-old Deepika Singh, who lives in Mumbai, has booked a private jet to reunite stranded pets in Delhi with their owners. The aircraft will fly from Delhi to Mumbai in mid-June. The cost of booking has been Rs 9.6 lakh. That is, 1.6 lakh rupees have been paid for one seat.

Cybersecurity researcher Deepika said, "So far four people have signed documents to bring their pets home from this plane. Our effort is to get two more such people so that the expenditure on everyone is reduced. If people do not meet, the cost of four seats will increase further. '

She said that while she was busy arranging an aircraft from Delhi for her relatives, some of them refused to accompany the pets. Then the idea came to his mind that animals also have the right to meet their family. Deepika said, "Some people wanted to travel with their pets but others refused. So I decided to arrange for another plane for them. '

This chartered aircraft is available for dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. For the six-seater aircraft, Deepika approached Private Jet Company Accretion Aviation. It's one seat that costs Rs 1.6 lakh. He said, 'I contacted a private jet company and they agreed to send the animals by plane.'

Acquisition Aviation owner Rahul Muchhal said proper precautions and safety measures would be taken for pets and their operators in the wake of the global pandemic Kovid-19. The animals will be medically tested and placed in cages before boarding them. If not possible with the aircraft, the animals will be sent via cargo ship.