Pratapgarh: 14 women become HIV positive after marriage, know the whole matter


After marriage, 14 women in the district have become HIV positive. They have received this serious illness from husbands. This was revealed when the doctors underwent pregnancy before these women started treatment. The report of all the women's husbands was found positive if they were found to be HIV infected. The safe delivery of these women in the Corona era has now become a challenge for the Health Department. All these women are being treated at the ART Center at District Hospital.

When pregnant for the first time after the marriage, these women reached the district hospital for treatment. Doctors conducted HIV tests along with all the necessary tests done during pregnancy, then it was found out that these women are vulnerable to HIV. After this, the husbands of all were also investigated. His report also came positive. In such a situation, doctors believe that all women have received this disease from their husbands. All the victims are aged between 22 and 28 years. Most of the women are from rural areas. There are many of them whose delivery time has come close.

Delivering women with HIV during the Corona era is a major challenge for the Health Department. These women are at the highest risk of infection due to weakening immunity. The doctors of the ART (Anti-Retroviral Therapy) Center located at the district hospital are undergoing treatment for the HIV victims after providing information to the PNP, an organization working for HIV victims.

14 women have been confirmed to be HIV positive while pregnant after marriage. The husbands of these women have also suffered. All are being treated at the ART Center at District Hospital. Regular monitoring is being done. - Satish Yadav, Project Coordinator, PNP

Hospital is not called, medicines are sent home

Pregnant HIV-positive women are not being called to the hospital, given the risk of corona infection. They are regularly checked at home. Vimala Yadav, program manager of Aahan, an organization working for HIV-affected women, said that the medicines are delivered to the pregnant women at home after screening them. She gets HIV screening thrice in the interval between the time of the birth of the child and 18 months.

Four infected women who marry HIV victims are also pregnant

Four more infected women marrying HIV victims are also pregnant. He is also being treated. He was also married to infected men after suffering from HIV. Now after getting pregnant, he is also being treated by the ART center.

13 HIV-positive women gave birth to healthy children in six months

Within six months, 13 HIV-positive women in the district gave birth. He is perfectly healthy with reports of children being negative. However, he will be tested for HIV three times from birth to 18 months. Vimala Yadav, program manager of Aahan, an organization working for HIV-affected women, said that for the first time all children were found to be negative in the investigation.

Premature treatment of children born to HIV-infected women has a very low risk of HIV. HIV victim's deliveries are treated at the District Women's Hospital. All doctors and staff have been trained in this. - Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tripathi, Incharge, ART Center, District Hospital.

Relief kit was given to infected pregnant women

On Wednesday, relief kits were distributed to pregnant women as well as pregnant women by the PNP organization. They were distributed handwash, masks, napkins, etc. along with lentils, rice, flour. On this occasion, Project Coordinator of PNP organization Satish Yadav, Project Director Vinod Yadav, Naresh Yadav, District Hospital Dr. Rakesh Tripathi, Vimala Yadav, Sadhana Sharma, Sarvesh Sharma, etc. was present.