Pranab Mukherjee suffered a head injury in a road accident 13 years ago! Click here to know what the doctor has to say


The condition of former President Pranab Mukherjee is still critical after brain surgery at the Army Hospital in Delhi, in such a situation has come to light that his head was injured in a car accident 13 years ago.

The disclosure was made on the night of April 7, 2007, by Dr. Basudev Mandal, a gynecologist by profession and owner of a nursing home in Krishnanagar. On that day, he says, returning to Kolkata from Murshidabad district, Mukherjee's car crashed at Nakashipada in Nadia district, after a truck hit the then finance minister Mukherjee's car and he was hit in the head by a local He was taken to the health center, where he had stitches on his head and was sent to the government hospital in Krishnanagar.

Mandal said, "But there was no CT scan or X-ray facility in the hospital, I got a call from the district administration and they said to keep all the preparations, Mukherjee is being brought to my nursing home. My nursing home was brought under the supervision of some of the best doctors in Kolkata. "Though Mukherjee was in pain, he was very calm and gentle, he was very humble." We investigated and found out that there are no internal injuries, he was later taken to Kolkata the same night.