Pongal 2021 in India: Pongal festival starts today, know the importance and traditions of this festival


Pongal 2021 in India: Pongal is celebrated in South India with great fanfare for four days. Pongal in Tamil means boom or viplav. Pongal has started from 14 January, ending on 17 January. Let us know the traditions related to Pongal and the method of obeying it.

Pongal is a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

The way Makar Sankranti is celebrated in North India when the sun is Uttarayan. Pongal festival is celebrated in the same way in the south. Traditionally, this festival is considered a symbol of prosperity in which rain, sunshine, and agricultural cattle are worshiped to bring prosperity.

Importance of Pongal festival

Pongal lasts for 4 days. During this time houses are cleaned and cleaned. It is believed that Tamil-speaking people abandon bad habits on the occasion of Pongal and wish for a happy life. This tradition is called Pohi.

Major traditions of the four-day festival

The first day of the Pongal festival is dedicated to Devraj Ind. It is called Bhogi Pongal.

Surya Pongal festival is celebrated on the second day after the succession of the sun.

On the third day of the Pongal festival i.e. Matu Pongal, agricultural animals like cows, bulls,s, and bulls are worshiped.

Kanya Pongal is celebrated on the last day of the four-day Pongal festival, also known as Thiruvallur.

Makar Sankranti festival in country and world

The connection of the Pongal festival is related to Uttarayan of the Dakshinayana of the Sun. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in different forms in the country and abroad. It is also celebrated in Nepal in Maghe-Sankranti, Suryottarayan, Thailand. This festival is known as Songkran there. However, the culture here is completely different from Indian culture.