Pollution dangerous for patients recovered from Corona, this vaccine will help


So far millions of people have died worldwide due to the global epidemic coronavirus. Economies around the world have collapsed. In India, where the daily cases of corona decline and the recovery rate increase are reported to be of relief. However, the threat to the recovered people is not yet averted.

Doctors say that those who have recovered from the coronavirus. High pollution can be dangerous for them. Doctors have said that recovering people living in cities with air pollution should take the flu vaccine.

Air pollution may increase the risk of corona patients' sensitivity, hospitalization, and death. Doctors believe that air pollution can increase the symptoms of 'long covid' (long-term symptoms of the corona), which can prove dangerous for recovery patients.

A report said 143 patients were cured of corona in a hospital in Rome, but 87 percent of them showed at least one symptom of corona after two months. Patients complained of cough, fatigue, diarrhea, joint pain, etc.

According to BBC News reports, older people, women, overweight and obese people, patients with asthma, have a higher risk of long covid if symptoms of corona are detected in the initial five weeks. At the same time, the risk is also high for people with mild symptoms or without symptoms.

At the same time, Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS said, the festival season has arrived. During this time the temperature will fall and the pollution level will increase. There will be crowds of people in the markets, so people with long covid should take the flu vaccine.