Political echo of Hindi across seven seas, Hindi slogans in US elections


Until a few years ago, hardly anyone would have thought that the point of India's spear would shine on that American land across the seven seas, which in its own country, there have been many political attempts to keep the edge till a few years ago. The election of the President of America is a matter of a few days. But Hindi is shining in the elections there in the midst of an intense English language atmosphere. Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate who contested against the current US President Donald Trump, is not only seeking votes in Hindi, but his election campaign is also going on in Hindi. Like the slogans in Hindi in support of Biden, typical Hindi slogans are identifying the electoral atmosphere of Indian soil. The slogans in support of Biden are shouting, 'Remove Trump, Save America', 'How should the leader of America be like Biden.'

This is not the first time that slogans are being raised in Hindi in the US elections or election campaigns are going on in Hindi. Four years ago, when US President Donald Trump was in the electoral fray, he also raised a slogan of pro-Narendra Modi's proverb like, 'This time, Trump Government ..', Some election campaigns are also going on. But the most talked-about campaign of Democrat candidate Biden this time. This is because, for the first time, Hindi slogans are being raised in typical Indian style to support a candidate in the US presidential election. In the current global order, America is the most powerful country in the world. His head is considered to be the most powerful man in the world.

If Hindi is resonating in his election, it is because of the strength of Hindi people on American soil. Every Indian, even a Pakistani and Bangladeshi, is a Hindiwala on American soil. Across the borders of the country, every Indian is identified as a Hindi one. Whether it is on this side of the border or the other side. There are about 1.5 million people of Indian origin among American voters. It is a rough figure that a person trying to occupy the almighty chair of the world has to sing a Hindi raga.

Remember the 2010 visit of US President Barack Obama to India. While addressing Parliament on November 8, 2010, he began the speech with 'Namaste' and 'Jaihind'. During this time he also took the names of Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi. Earlier, while addressing the students at Delhi's Sirifort Auditorium, he said, "Senorita, big countries ... you know what I mean." Was shocked by saying Since the Indian people have now also gained economic strength. Today's phase is not only a period of political power but also a period of economic power, that is why the Hindi melody is being heard in seven seaside crosses.

US President Trump's affection for Hindi was also shown in February this year. When Trump visited India on February 24, he made three tweets in Hindi. He wrote in his last tweet, 'America and India will strengthen their countries, make their people thriving, make big dreamers bigger and make their future brighter than ever ... and this is only the beginning. . The echo of Hindi was also heard in the UK general elections held in December last year when Hindi film songs were used in the election campaign of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It is no less unfortunate that Hindi is becoming a medium of political dialogue across the seven seas, but in its own country, it has not yet become the language of policymaking and administration in the true sense. Until such a change is possible in itself, even if the celebrities of the world continue to ask us to communicate in our language, it will not be easy for us to achieve great political status on the global stage.