Political discord in Nepal, KP Sharma Oli not in the mood for any compromise with Prachanda faction


The feud between Nepal's ruling Communist Party has started taking the form of a cross-border battle. In the much-awaited meeting of the party secretariat that lasted till late Saturday evening, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has made it clear that he is not in the mood for any compromise with the Pushp Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' group.

Now everything depends on the movement to reconcile or choose a different path. Oli's message is clear that Prachanda, the party's co-chairman, has to bend before him. Oli has alleged that Prachanda has turned the differences into enmity.

PM said- Prachanda turned differences into enmity, pushed the party into crisis, documents rejected

Prime Minister Oli presented his political document during the meeting in response to a 19-page political document presented by Dahal on November 13. Oli's message was clear that the party's actors are the same. According to Nepali media reports, Oli not only made a personal comment on Prachanda but also questioned his political status. Dahl made a number of serious allegations against Ollie at the November 13 meeting.

Ollie responded to the same allegations during the 38-page meeting, and also made many serious allegations on Dahal. Not only this, but he also took on senior party leader Madhav Kumar Nepal as a result, Madhav has also now stood against Oli. When Madhav shook hands with Prachanda, Oli reminded him that it was Prachanda who prevented him from getting the President's chair.

Oli does not want two presidents in the party

Currently, both Oli and Prachanda are co-chairs of the Nepal Communist Party. In a report published in the newspaper Kathmandu Post here, quoting political analyst Hari Roka, it has been said that on Saturday, Oli made it clear that now he is not ready to follow the system of two presidents in the party. That is, he wants Prachanda to leave this post and some other arrangement should be made for him at the party.

A way to meet Dahl opened

PM Oli has kept open a path to reconcile with Dahal despite his sharp remarks. In the meeting, Oli said that if Dahal withdraws his political document, he will also withdraw his document. After that, both parties can present a shared document. This means that he has put the ball in Dahal's court. If Dahl believes Oli, he means he is bowing down, which will affect his political status.

Saved a political career

Oli said, by agreeing on the merger of his party with Prachanda's party in 2018, he had actually saved Prachanda's finished political career. He also alleged that Prachanda resorted to fraud to win his daughter in the 2017 mayoral election.

Oli's documents filled with revenge

According to Nepal Communist Party leaders, Oli's document is replete with a sense of revenge. Everyone is offended by the personal comments Ollie has made. Oli described Dahl's document as a bundle of charges, while he himself did the same thing in his document. Oli has appealed to the party leaders to maintain the unity of the party, but the party leaders say that they themselves have made it difficult.