Police were shocked to hear the secret of 5 girls, they used to play honey trap games like this


Police have arrested five girls in the case of Honey Trap in Madhya Pradesh. Police have got videos of dozens of leaders and officers from them. Which these girls have created by trapping them in their web. Along with this, he used to recover crores from them through video. Let us tell you about the important characters of Gangs of Honey Trap.

29-year-old Aarti Dayal runs an NGO which takes funding from the government mainly for work in rural areas. She is originally from Chhatarpur. This woman has also trapped many people in the trap of honey trap in Chhatarpur. After this, it made Minal Residency of Bhopal it's base. The Creta car caught in Indore is registered in its name.

39-year-old Shweta Vinod Jain is primarily the mistress of a private company it has started in partnership. The company started about 3 years ago, is engaged in the manufacture and sale of thermal insulation. Police have also got luxury car papers like Mercedes from his house. Although she is a resident of Sagar, she has lived in Revera township of Bhopal for the past several years.

The team is gathering more information about 48-year-old Shweta Swapnil Jain right now. It is being told that she is the most attractive and beautiful looking woman of the gang, who is from Rajasthan, but was currently residing in Bhopal's posh colony Riviera Town. It is said that it is fond of going to expensive parties and many of them have also been seen in the party of big leaders and influencers.

34-year-old Barkha Bhatnagar is an NGO of Sony, under whose guise its ministry was enough. Here it made a deep friendship with the officers and not only took money for NGOs but also earned a lot of money in many government transfers. Her husband Amit Soni was in the IT cell of Madhya Pradesh Congress which has already been removed. Barkha and her husband have photographs with several Congress leaders, who were photographed during different party functions and showed it to them.

18-year-old Monika Yadav is the youngest girl of this gang who is currently studying in a college. She is a resident of Rajgarh near Bhopal. It started this work to take out its expenses, but when it saw that there was more profit in the business of blackmailing, then it got involved in this work with the gang. It is being told that Aarti sent several officers and leaders to Monica instead of herself. During the rest of the time, Monica's job was to talk on the phone.