PM's accommodation and convoy will protect by 'drone killer' made with indigenous technology


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been a target of radicals, terrorist organizations, and enemy countries for a long time due to his tough decisions. In such a situation, the security of Prime Minister Modi's residence and convoy has been strengthened further. An anti-drone system will be used to protect Prime Minister Modi.

This drone killer is built with indigenous technology and will be placed at the residence and convoy of Prime Minister Modi. This anti-drone system will be installed to protect against every kind of danger. The Defense Research and Development Organization has entrusted Bharat Electronics with the responsibility for the development and production of anti-drone systems.

Pakistan sending weapons to Jammu and Kashmir through drone

This drone system has been designed for the security forces, but now it will be included in Prime Minister Modi's security squad. Pakistani militants are sending arms across the Line of Control and the International Line to Jammu and Kashmir and for this, they are using commercial drones of China.

Pakistan's army is also involved in this, so the threat of drones on Prime Minister Modi has increased. Two types of drones are being prepared by DRDO, one of which is to deactivate the drone and the other is to kill it.

Drones disable enemy drone from two to three km away

Explain that anti-drone systems were installed on Independence Day and Republic Day this year. These anti-drone systems are equipped with radar capabilities that disable enemy drones from two to three kilometers away.

Chinese drones can lift up to 10 kg

Last year itself, Pakistani-backed terrorist organizations have been sending arms and drugs continuously across the international border to the Indian border. Explain that commercial drones made by China can carry ten kilograms of weapons, ammunition, and drugs.