PM Modi said this on completion of five years of PM crop insurance scheme!


Five years of PM crop insurance scheme has been completed. This scheme of the Central Government was implemented on this day i.e. January 13, 2016. On completion of five years of this scheme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated all the beneficiaries.

PM Modi tweeted that today 5 years of the PM Crop Insurance Scheme has been completed to provide protection to the donors of the country from the wrath of nature. Crores of farmers have benefited under this scheme by increasing the coverage of losses and reducing the risk. My heartiest congratulations to all its beneficiaries.

In another tweet, he said that how has the crop insurance scheme ensured maximum benefit to the farmers? How full transparency has been exercised in the settlement of claims? All such information related to PM-FBY is placed in the Your Voice section of the NaMo App. Learn and share.