PM Modi's meditation in freezing temperature caves of Kedarnath, See photos


Prime Minister Modi who has a lot of faith to 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in Kedarnath once again reached to Kedarnath. Earlier, PM Modi also reached Kedarnath on May 3, 2017. Prime Minister had performed Rudrabhishek to Baba Kedar. After landing the Air Force's MI 17 helicopter in Kedarnath on Saturday, wearing a grey suit with a Pahari cap and a saffron gamchha around his waist. After reaching there, he worshipped for about an hour.

After worship, PM Modi revolted around the temple and greeted the people by shaking hands. Chief priest Praveen Chandra Tiwari, who was helping Modi during the worship, told in a special conversation prime Minister worshipped with entire legislation and sought blessings from Bhagwan Baba Kedarnath. After the end of the worship, the priest told Modi that you will become the PM of the country thrice. After listened to it PM Modi smiled and did not say anything.

After worshipping in the temple in Kedarnath, the Prime Minister reviewed the ongoing reconstruction work in Kedarpuri. After that, he went to the cave for meditation in the cave built in Kedarnath Dham. By setting a walking distance of about a kilometer from the Safe House near Helipad, PM Modi reached the cave built at 12 thousand feet. Only SPG people were present with them. There is such a legacy that Pandavas had gone to heaven through this pedestrian path of Vasuki Tal.

The cave, PM Modi meditated in, is 8 feet long and 9 feet wide. The entrance to this cave is 5 feet high. There is also a bathroom inside the cave. There is also a wooden bed for sleeping. For PM Modi, there is a special facility for WiFi and telephone in the cave.

From around two o'clock in the morning to the whole night, Modi will do the saadhna of Baba Kedar in this cave in the same meditation posture. This is the fourth visit of the Prime Minister to Kedarnath in the last two years.