PM MODI repeatedly appeals to stop the wastage of vaccines! Know here how the VACCINE is wasted


Coronavirus infection in the country is increasing day by day. In such a situation, people are advised to get the vaccine, but there are also reports of vaccine wastage. In many states, 5 percent of the vaccine has been wasted. In this case, we are going to tell you about how the vaccine is ruined.

PM Modi has also appealed several times not to waste the vaccine. For information, let us tell you that most of the vaccines have been wasted in Tamil Nadu. There, 8.83 percent of the vaccines have been wasted. Apart from this, 7.7 in Assam, 4.98 in Punjab, 5.72 in Haryana, 4.95 in Bihar, 3.54 in Uttar Pradesh, 3.96 in Delhi, 3.12 in Jharkhand, 3.61 in Gujarat and 3.21 percent in Madhya Pradesh have been wasted. These figures are as of 6 May 2021.

A vial of vaccine contains 10 or 20 dose vaccines. When the vial is opened it is to be used within 4 hours. If all the doses are not applied for 4 hours after opening the vial, then the remaining vaccine is spoiled. In such an evening, when only 5-10 people are left in the end, then the rest of the dose is lost.

Covaxin and Covishield vaccines are currently in the country and Russia's vaccine Sputnik-V has also been approved for use. More than 16 crore people have been vaccinated so far.