Photos: Husbands Sitting Home, Three sisters formed a loot gang, They always kept a child with herself


The three real sisters formed a gang and started looting the drivers and passengers of Auto and Tempo running on the streets. Women have committed crimes in many districts including Moradabad, Bijnor, Meerut. The police caught all three. According to the police, these women have confessed that they used to book autos and tempo and take them to a deserted area and threaten the driver and rob him. Apart from this, during the journey too, she used to take away the belongings of other passengers secretly.

Police have seized the stolen goods from the passengers from their possession. Police produced the three in court on Saturday afternoon, from where they have been sent to jail. SP City Amit Anand said that Lalit Kumar, a resident of Naveen Nagar MDA Colony of Civil Lines, had filed a report in Civil Lines police station, in which he told that his sister Sadhna Mishra, resident of Katghar Beach Holi, was going to Naveen Nagar after sitting in Auto on Friday.

Three other women were also traveling in Auto. A child was also present with these women. During the journey, women had taken away Sadhana Mishra's purse. Which had cash and jewelry? The woman came to know about this incident when she got down from the auto. By then Auto had left. When the police searched for the women, all three were found standing on Kanth Road in the Civil Lines area.

The police brought them to the police station. Here they were identified with the victim's female practice. The victim identified them. SP City said that the three women arrested are real sisters. Women named Kavita alias Atta wife Vijay, Rinki alias Pinki wife Veer Singh alias Panju resident Islam Nagar Roadways Bus Stand behind the road, Noorpur District Bijnor and Pooja daughter Rajendra Singh New Basti Shastri Nagar Police Medical College District Meerut Hall resident Islam Nagar The town and the police station behind the roadways bus stand have told Nurpur district Bijnor.

All three are between 25 and 30 years old. Police have recovered cash and jewelry from their possession. In the police interrogation, the women said that they have been doing such incidents for a long time. Women told that incidents have happened in many districts including Moradabad, Bijnor, Meerut. The accused women told the police that they booked the autos and tempo and took the driver to a deserted area. There, they threaten and rob the driver. There have been more than ten incidents in different districts.

Women also used to have children

In the police interrogation, the women have confessed that most of the incidents have been done in other districts so that they are not identified. Sitting in auto and tempo rides and carries a child with her. This child sits on the lap of other passengers. Due to which the attention of the traveler is distracted and gets punched on the spot. The women said that if there were no other riders in the auto, the driver would be taken to an isolated place. There, she threatens him and snatches his money. If the driver makes noise, he calms her by threatening to implicate her in a false case of rape and molestation.

The husband is handling home, women are committing a crime

The arrested women confessed in interrogation that their husbands take care of the house. He does everything from cooking to feeding and feeding children. While the women stay outside for three to four days and return home after committing the incidents. Kavita and Rinki are married. While Pooja is still unmarried, Kavita and Rinke state that their husbands do no business.