Petition seeking to stop construction under rapid transit system dismissed


The National Green Tribunal has refused to stop construction under the Regional Rapid Transit System connecting NCR cities to high-speed rail. The NGT rejected the petition demanding that the project is for public transport.

A bench of NGT Chairperson Justice Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel said, "There is no concrete evidence in the petition beyond the presumption of damage to the park and green belt by the said project on the basis of which the claims made can be upheld."

The bench said, the petitioner should have gone to the environment regulator, who has the authority to take action in the matter. But the petitioner did not turn to the regulator. The bench said, "We cannot give any order just on the assumption that rules may be violated."

Not only this, while responding to the petition, the project officer has clarified that the rules will be followed in full. The bench was hearing the petition of Ashwini Sharma and others. In the first phase of this project, the rapid transit system between Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut, Delhi Gurugram-SNB-Alwar, and Delhi-Panipat is ready.