People asking PM Modi's number by calling the helpline, someone wants to meet, someone want to suggest


Recently, a 24/7 helpline has been started to help MPs during the debate in Lok Sabha, but this helpline is getting more calls from MPs from less common people. Most of the people who call the helpline want to know Prime Minister Narendra Modi's number, if someone wants to meet, then someone has to suggest Modi. The people working in the helpline said that people are not asking them about issues related to the budget or debate in Lok Sabha, but they are asking the Prime Minister's number.

Officials involved in the helpline project, on the condition of anonymity, said that after the number of flashbacks on the Lok Sabha TV channel several times, there are now continuous calls to the helpline. Most of the phone calls are from rural areas. While some people called the helpline to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi's phone number, a person called and expressed his desire to make an appointment with the Prime Minister.

This helpline was started for MPs

This helpline has been started by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on the eve of the budget session. This helpline will enable MPs to get notes and material for the debate. Round the clock service can be availed from anywhere in the country and abroad.

When will I get a Kovid vaccine?

After the number of numbers started for MPs on the Lok Sabha TV channel flash several times, now the helpline is getting continuous calls. Lok Sabha TV channel is very popular in rural areas and small towns. Citizens learned the most about the performance of farmers and the Corona vaccine. Many people asked when they were getting the corona vaccine.

MPs also called

Some MPs have also received calls on this helpline. An official said that the debate in the budget session has not started yet, but we have already received calls from 4-5 MPs. In the call, MPs have asked for notes and material. Most MPs will take advantage of this help service.

Also got a call to know the seat of MPs

However, some MP's assistants also called the helpline to find out which seats have been allotted to the MPs during the budget session. Due to Corona, MPs have been given specific seat numbers this time. The helpline has been named Parliamentary Research and Information Assistance (PRISM).