P. Bengal: Anubrata Mondal calls Dilip Ghosh a 'dangerous virus', BJP gave befitting reply


Trinamool Congress leader Anubrata Mandal, while verbally attacking BJP state president Dilip Ghosh, described him as a dangerous virus. To which Dilip Ghosh replied that TMC's days of counting in West Bengal are now over and central agencies are making vaccines for Mandal and his party members.

At an event on Saturday, Anubrata Mandal, president of the Birbhum unit of the Trinamool Congress, invited Dilip Ghosh to join the ruling party. He said that Dilip Ghosh is a dangerous virus, there is no one like him in the state. Mandal said that Dilip Ghosh joins TMC and work with our booth workers.

If Dilip Ghosh joins the party, the workers will accept him but because he is a dangerous virus, he has to sanitize with cow dung first. To this, Dilip Ghosh replied that Anubrata is known for making such statements to Mandal.

Dilip Ghosh said that Anubrata Mandal has been making such statements for a long time but this time it seems that his limit has been reduced. Dilip Ghosh believes that Anubrata Mandal's voice will also slow down as soon as assembly elections come closer.

He said that recently Anubrata Mandal had said that if I step into Birbhum, I will make my voice down with drum beats but during this time I have reached Birbhum several times and will be going again in the next three to four days.

Apart from this, BJP state general secretary Saytan Basu had said in Durgapur that every Trinamool Congress leader with the virus would be vaccinated by central agencies. The Enforcement Directorate and the Central Bureau of Investigation are preparing the vaccine for these leaders.