Oyo manager escaped with hotel belongings, Case of fraud was registered by hotel owner


The operator of the famous room booking service company Oyo escaped without paying the rent of a hotel in Ramganj area on Tuesday night. Apart from that, the belongings of the hotel were also missed. The price of the belongings of hotel was approximately Rs.12.5 lakh. On the report of the hotel owner, the police have accused half a dozen people including the main accused Ritesh Agarwal for cheating.

According to the case, Vijay Kumar Vijayvargiya of Amit Colonizers has lodged a report in the police station. The victim says that his property was given to Hotel Vijay Palace Ramganj Chapad in May last month for rent of 2 lakh 95 thousand rupees to Delhi's company Oyo. The agreement of which was done through Sunil Swarnakar. The company did not pay the rent on time. While the rent was kept outstanding for the last two months.

The representatives of the company vacated the hotel overnight, despite the booking of 23 rooms on Tuesday. The guests staying in the rooms had to shift to other places overnight.

AC, computer and cash from the hotel were missed which was approximately worth Rs 1.5 lakh. The hotel owner has accused about half a dozen people, including Ritesh Agarwal, Ratandeep, Sunil Swarnakar and Ankit Sharma, associated with Oyo management.

It has been said that earlier Oyo Company had tried to vacated overnight by cheating in the same manner in the Transport Nagar Jaipur but such incident was averted due to the awareness of the hotel management.