Oxygen shortage: Delhi-NCR's condition worsened, hospitals refuse to take patients


The second wave of Corona is wreaking havoc in the entire country including Delhi. While people are waiting a long time to get the test done, the lack of oxygen after the illness becomes severe has brought the situation out of control. Most of the hospitals in Delhi have come down on social media at this time. These people are pleading from PM to CM. The only option left to reach the government is social media. The condition of small nursing homes and hospitals in Delhi is worst at this time. As of Thursday afternoon, more than 15 small hospitals in the capital have been shut down.

Only 90 minutes of oxygen is left in Aakash Health Care Hospital

There are only 90 minutes of oxygen left in the Akash Health Care Hospital. There are 223 corona patients admitted to this hospital.

Two hours of oxygen stock left in Holy Family, Sri Balaji Action Institute Hospital

The Holy Family and Sri Balaji Action Institute Hospital also now have only two hours of oxygen stock left. All the hospitals are constantly requesting oxygen supply from the state and central government. There are 220 corona patients admitted in Balaji, out of which around 80 patients are on oxygen support.

Oxygen has not reached Prakash Hospital yet

Oxygen has not yet reached Prakash Hospital in Greater Noida. Discharge is done to 12 patients. Police force deployed outside.

Shanti Mukund Hospital discharging the patient

The Shanti Mukund Hospital at Karkadi Mor in Delhi has very little stock of oxygen. The hospital administration has started discharging patients along with the demand of supplying oxygen to the government. Shanti Mukund's MS informed that the hospital is discharging patients who require less oxygen. The hospital is also helping them get admitted to other hospitals.

Liquid oxygen over in Saroj Hospital, a petition filed in High Court

The trouble has increased with the depletion of liquid oxygen at Saroj Hospital in Delhi. Due to this, the hospital has filed a petition in the High Court for the supply of oxygen. There are some oxygen cylinders left in the hospital stock, from which the work is being carried out and this stock will also be exhausted in two-three hours. There are 130 corona patients admitted here. In such a situation, if oxygen does not reach here in time, it can cause problems Hospital administration says that Inox, a company that supplies oxygen, is not responding to their call. The hospital has requested in its petition to order a supply to INOX.

Mata Chanan Devi Hospital runs out of oxygen, seeks help from Gurugram

Oxygen has run out at Mata Chanan Devi Hospital in Delhi. Now the hospital has sought help from Gurugram.

Noida: Three-four-hour stock left in Kailash and Prakash Hospital

Kailash Hospital and Prakash Hospital in Noida have also been short of oxygen. The administration has said that there are only four-five hours of oxygen stock left with the hospital.

Three to four hours of oxygen remaining at Heart and Lung Institute

Three to four hours of oxygen is left in the Heart and Lung Institute Hospital in Delhi. The hospital currently has over 70 patients, many of whom are on oxygen.

Satyendra Jain said - Different hospitals have different circumstances

On the shortage of oxygen happening in Delhi today, Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that the situation is different in different hospitals. Some six hours, eight hours, and 10 hours stock is left. We cannot call it a good situation. Satyendra Jain further said that for the last three days, there is a shortage of oxygen in Delhi. Center has increased Delhi's quota tomorrow. He is allocating oxygen to all states.

Earlier Delhi's quota was less than the requirement, now it has been increased. If this crisis ends in a couple of days, then the number of beds will be increased. There is a shortage of ICU beds at this time. We have demanded beds from the center, we hope that the center will give us 700-800 ICU beds soon. We had asked the Center for 7000 beds in their government hospitals but only about 2000 beds have been received.

Lack of oxygen in many hospitals of Delhi

At present, many patients are in danger due to a lack of oxygen in Delhi's Rajiv Gandhi Hospital and Channan Devi Hospital. There are only two hours of oxygen left in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital. There are 900 patients admitted here. Hospital administration says that it needs 5-6 tonnes of oxygen daily. The Saroj Hospital in Rohini, Delhi, also has only two hours of oxygen stock left.

Last night, the shortage of oxygen continued unabated and stocks have run out in many hospitals. Meanwhile, the Rathi Hospital at Najafgarh in Delhi had run out of oxygen, causing emergency conditions, but the oxygen stock reached here late in the night.

There was a lack of oxygen in Max's hospitals

Max Hospital management says that there was a lack of oxygen at the Max Hospital in Shalimar Bagh last Tuesday night. For a long time, he was giving this information to the Delhi government. He came to know that a tanker has been sent to him to overcome the lack of oxygen, but late-night it came to know that the tanker did not reach Shalimar Bagh and sent him to Delhi AIIMS. This resulted in their oxygen tanks being emptied. In such a critical situation, patients have to handle with the help of oxygen cylinders.