Opposition, police and Pakistani army ... a spark of rebellion


The rebellion of the Sindh police, which revolt in Sindh province, was averted when Pakistan Army Chief General Bajwa had to make a public appeal to Pakistan People's Party leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and IG of Sindh Police Force to intervene in political affairs. . General Bajwa had to tell that he has ordered an inquiry into the incident of kidnapping by the rangers of IG Mushtaq Mehar of Sindh.

There is a terrible and embarrassing incident in its background. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Senior Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League (N), was staying at a hotel in Karachi with her husband Captain (retired) Safdar. Captain Safdar was forcibly taken to the Brigade Police Station, which falls under the Rangers and Army, by breaking the door of the hotel room at four in the morning. The reason given for this and on the basis of which the FIR was filed against Safdar, was a very minor matter. He is accused that when he went to Jinnah's tomb, he had loudly raised the slogan, 'Respect the vote'. This slogan has become very famous in the PMLN, which accused the army of rigging the last election and making Imran Khan the Prime Minister.

Maryam and her delegation arrived in Karachi from the platform of the Pakistan Democratic Movement to attend a rally of eleven opposition parties, and she and Bilawal Bhutto gave some emotional speeches before that night. In his speeches, he had strongly criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan, his government, and the rising inflation in the country, due to which everyday things are out of the reach of the common man. The second issue, which he and the leaders of small provinces raised, is that the armed forces should not interfere in politics. At the same time, he criticized their policy of disappearing people, killing them in fake encounters, and terminating anyone at once by saying that the armed forces must leave this policy.

He demanded equal rights for all citizens. In the recent past, the sleeping woman has never heard of breaking through the door. Only during the dictatorship of Zia ul Haq was civil rights violated in this way. The entire country was shocked by this incident and aggressive questions were asked on social media. Bilawal Bhutto, to whom Mary was the guest, said, 'I am ashamed and I am not able to show my face because of what has happened in our province. Troubling Mariam and Safdar in the morning and arresting Safdar is an insult to the people of Sindh who invited Maryam and her delegation to join the PDM Jalsa. '

A few years ago the federal government sent rangers to Sindh to control law and order. They are part of the army. In the past, there have been complaints that the Rangers have broken the laws and harassed the citizens. This time it seems likely that the security establishment based in Rawalpindi ordered the Rangers to kidnap an IG of Sindh. This had never happened before. IG, Sindh was forced into an armored vehicle and taken to the brigade police station. There he was forced to file an FIR against Safdar.

In support of his province's police force, which was insulted, Bilawal said that the work of such an important institution in the province should be considered national security and peace should be maintained in the province. He stressed that if there is no respect left for my police, how will they work. This is absolutely unacceptable. For the first time, a politician has challenged Army Chief General Bajwa and ISI Chief General Faiz to be responsible for the kidnapping of IG of Sindh and the arrest of Safdar. They have sought answers from them. When news spread across the country that Sindh's IG was kidnapped and he was being pressured to file an FIR against Safdar, Maryam, and his two hundred supporters, the police force was furious.

First, the IG police applied for a two-month leave. Soon other IGs from across the province also sought leave. The order of seeking leave also reached the smaller authorities. Sensing an uprising in the Sindh police force, Bilawal Bhutto accompanied his Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to the IG's house and persuaded him to withdraw his leave application. Meanwhile, General Bajwa called Bilawal Bhutto and Sindh IG Mushtaq Mehar in the meantime, according to a statement released by the Inter-Service Public Relations, that they asked the Karachi corps commander to immediately investigate the matter and report as soon as possible.

General Bajwa gave ten days to submit the report, but people also questioned that when they know who is responsible, what is the need to spend so much time. People are pointing fingers at ISI chief General Faiz. People fear that these reports will not be made public as in the past and a statement will be issued that the matter has been resolved. Bilawal Bhutto commended General Bajwa for taking immediate cognizance of the Karachi incident and assuring a transparent investigation. Mariam praised the Sindh police force on Twitter, citing Quaid-e-Azam's suggestion that public servants should not fall prey to any pressure.