Opposition parties including Congress are creating panic among people over vaccine: Nadda


BJP president JP Nadda has retaliated against Congress leaders questioning the approval of the Bharat Biotech vaccine.

Nadda said, whenever India achieves a big achievement, the opposition parties ridicule the achievement by presenting a strange theory. Other opposition parties, including the Congress, are trying to create panic among the people to carry forward their failed politics and conservative agenda.

Nadda tweeted on Sunday, Congress and Opposition are not proud of anything Indian. They should introspect how their lies on the Kovid-19 vaccine will be used by vested selfish groups. The more opposition parties oppose, the more the public will know their truth.

He said that people have rejected such politics and will do so in the future. Congress and opposition leaders want to create panic among the people. I urge him that he should stop messing with people's lives and do politics on other issues. When the entire country is bitter about the vaccine, opposition parties led by Congress want to instill fear among the people.

Politics should not be on the issue of vaccine: Giriraj

Today is a happy occasion for the country and this is the time to honor our scientists. There should be no politics on the issue of vaccines. Instead of respecting scientists, one should not question them. Many leaders of the country are raising questions today. It is very sad.