Once the father fought the election against Sonia, today the son left the Congress and joined the BJP, know his political life


Congress leader Jitin Prasada joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today. The joining of Jitin Prasad, one of the senior Congress leaders in Uttar Pradesh, can be important in terms of the 2022 elections. Please tell that Jitin Prasad has inherited this rebellion. Jitin's father Jitendra Prasad also fought against Sonia Gandhi in the election for the National President of Congress in the year 2000. However, he was defeated.

There was opposition to Sonia Gandhi becoming the party president continuously

Jitendra Prasad, while being an MP, opposed Sonia Gandhi becoming the party president continuously. This is also because Jitendra Prasad as a worker was much senior to Sonia Gandhi in the party. However, in the year 2000, when he stood against Sonia Gandhi for the post of party president, he was defeated in it.

Jitin Prasad's father was an advisor to two former prime ministers

Jitin's father Jitendra Prasad had also been an advisor to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Narasimha Rao. Along with this, Jitendra Prasad had also been the Vice President of Congress. Jitin Prasad's grandfather Jyoti Prasad was also a Congress leader. His great-grandmother Purnima Devi was the daughter of Hemendranath Tagore, brother of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Jitin Prasada is also one of the G-23 leaders who wrote the letter.

Let us tell you that last year, some senior Congress leaders had written a letter to party president Sonia Gandhi demanding major changes. The group of these leaders is known as G-23. One of the prominent names of the letter writers was Jitin Prasad. However, after this letter became public, demand was also raised in the Uttar Pradesh Congress to take action against Jitin. The state unit had demanded action against all the leaders who wrote the letter, which had a special mention of Jitin Prasada.

Political life of Jitin Prasada

Jitin Prasada became Secretary in the Indian Youth Congress in 2001. Tried his luck in the 14th Lok Sabha elections from his home Lok Sabha seat, Shahjahanpur in 2004 and won. For the first time, Jitin Prasad was appointed as the Union Minister of State Steel in 2008. After that in the year 2009, Jitin Prasad contested the 15th Lok Sabha elections from Dhaurahara Lok Sabha and also won by 184,509 votes. Jitin Prasad has been the Union Minister of State in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways from 2009 to January 2011, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas from 19 January 2011 to 28 October 2012, and the Ministry of Human Resource and Development from 28 October 2012 to May 2014, in the UPA Government. Jitin Prasad is a very popular leader in Shahjahanpur, Lakhimpur and Sitapur. Jitin Prasad is known for his peace-loving and developmental politics in Uttar Pradesh.