Obscene videos coming on the mobile number of students belonging to the online class, many teachers have also been embarrassed


Two girls from a family in the fort area of ​​Bareilly are worried about the porn videos on mobile for a few days. According to the parents of these girl students of class nine and ten, someone is acting on WhatsApp by taking the number of girls from the school group made for an online class. They have informed the school. However, no complaint has been made with the police in this matter.

In the Corona era, many schools have formed groups for online studies. These groups are causing trouble for students and parents. Recently such a case has come up. Which has made the parents sleep.

Pornographic videos have started appearing on mobile numbers belonging to the online group of the school of two sisters of the fort area. If the students gave information to the father, they have informed the school by closing the online class.

If the school's number was checked, the number was not in their records. A call was received on the number, but WhatsApp is being run on that number. The girl's father says that the number of girl students associated in the group was taken only for studies.

He did not give that number to anyone. He suspects that someone from the school group has given the number. The girl's father has not yet complained to the police. He says that when he got the information, it came to know that the SSP is on leave. They want to meet him only after returning and take action without conducting an open investigation.

Parents did not lodge a complaint on the information given to the school

Since the online class started in the Corona era, many teachers have also become embarrassed by such incidents. According to the teachers of some well-known schools in the city, such problems came more than two months after the start of the online class.

Groups from which children numbers are added. From them, the Khuraphatis took the number of the teachers and sent them obscene messages, photos, and video clips. On the complaint of some teachers, the police also took action by hiding their identity. Most of the teachers either changed their numbers or blocked the numbers from which vulgar messages were coming.