New twist in Hathras incident, victim family refuses to recognize Chhotu, who claims to be eyewitness


Continued questioning and investigation by the CBI team in the case of Bitiya of Chandpa area of ​​Hathras. On Saturday, the CBI team again reached the village of Bitiya. There, the CBI first inspected the scene for a while and then questioned the family members of Bitiya for five and a half hours.

The CBI team, which reached the village of Bitiya, also included Deputy SP Seema Pahuja, who was investigating the case. The team first saw the farm outside the village where the incident took place. After stopping there for a few minutes, the team reached Bitiya's house. The team first interacted and questioned all the members present in the house.

At the same time, the girl's family has refused to recognize the Chhotu, who is being described as an eyewitness of the incident. After the questioning, when the CBI team left the Bitiya house, the sister-in-law of the girl said that the CBI team was showing them the photo of this young man on a mobile phone, but she did not know it.

The CBI asked a lot of questions to the family of the girl. According to the family members, the CBI asked them about the behavior of the daughter. She also asked her sister-in-law if she uses a different phone, so the sister-in-law replied that there is only one phone number in her house, which lives on her husband.

Apart from this, the CBI also asked other questions related to the incident. Bitiya's mother was questioned by the CBI for a long time. Anyway, sister-in-law was not present on the spot. When Chhotu's photo was shown to her sister-in-law, she told that she was seeing this photo for the first time. The relatives said that they did not feel any pressure during the CBI interrogation. Family members said that the team has also taken some of Bitiya's clothes.