New record of PGI Chandigarh, operation through Nose of a 16-month-old girl suffering from a brain tumor


Doctors of Chandigarh PGI have made a new record by the successful operation of a 16-month-old girl's brain tumor through the nose. Earlier, the credit for performing such surgeries was in the name of the doctors of the USA, who successfully performed a two-year-old child's brain tumor operation through the nose in 2019. Now PGI doctors have broken this record by performing a 16-month-old baby operation.

PGI doctors who performed the successful operation of the baby say that the size of the tumor was three centimeters, which is considered quite large. The Head of the surgery team and Dr. SS Dhandapani of the Department of Neuro Surgery said that in the case of brain tumors, it is very difficult to perform surgery on children through the nose.

Children's nose is small and there is a possibility of all kinds of problems during surgery, so in most cases, surgery is done by opening the head but in such a situation, there is a risk of side effects on the brain due to surgery.

Surgery is done with the endoscopic technique

Dr. Dhandapani said that the condition of the 16-month-old girl was very critical. He needed immediate surgery but was unable to make a decision on whether to undergo nasal surgery due to his young age. Then our team navigated through the instruments and prepared to perform surgery with the endoscopic technique. Through this technique, surgery of brain tumor from the baby's nose was done without affecting her brain.

The surgery lasted for six hours

It took the team of doctors of PGI 6 hours to perform this complex surgery. The surgery team included Dr. SS Dhandapani and Dr. Sushant of the PGI Neuro Surgery Department and Dr. Rijunita of the ENT Department. Dr. Dhandapani said that the baby's surgery was done 12 days ago. During that time she had lost her ability to see due to the impact of the brain tumor but after the surgery, she has started seeing again and she is completely healthy.

PGI experts are constantly reaching new heights with their hard work and understanding. It is a matter of pride for the PGI as well as the entire country. -Pro. Jagataram, Director, PGI