New guidelines: Dharmasthala, hotels, restaurants, and malls will be opened except in the Containment zone


The country is slowly moving towards coming out of lockdown. The Union Health Ministry has issued guidelines on Thursday and has given permission to open hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, religious places, etc., except for the Containment Zone. However, the number of corona infections in the country is increasing daily.

According to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, hotels and malls will open but a distance of six feet, face mask, or face shield will be mandatory. Visitors to the hotel will have to carry the Arogya Setu app. Only those without symptoms will be admitted.

The Ministry has also advised the elderly, pregnant women, children below 10 years of age, and patients suffering from diabetes, kidney or other related diseases to remain indoors, considering the risk of infection.

Restaurant operators have been asked to deliver home food to the main gate of the house. The customer is prohibited from delivering the food packet directly. The thermal screening of home delivery staff is also mandatory. At the same time, it has been suggested to reduce the seating capacity in restaurants by 50 percent.

Only people with no symptoms will be given entry in religious places. Here, it will be mandatory to apply a mask or shield on the face. Apart from this, social distancing will have to be followed in langar or any kind of store. There will be a ban on giving offerings or water in hand at religious places.

Hotels, restaurants, malls: AC will run at 24-30 degrees

Only such operations will be allowed in hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls up to 24–30 ° C. Relative humidity will have to be kept at 40-70 percent. Also, as much as possible fresh air movement will have to be ensured. Cross ventilation within malls, hotels, and restaurants should also be sufficient.

Do not call aged workers, pregnant women to office

In the guidelines issued for the offices, the Health Ministry has asked not to invite aged employees, pregnant women, or employees undergoing treatment. Here it is recommended to download Arogya Setu App with face mask, social distancing. Most of the work has been advised to be done from home.

Guidelines issued for entering the temple

Only the pilgrims without symptoms will get entry into the religious place.

Only those wearing face masks will be admitted.

Posters, banners containing information related to Kovid-19 will have to be placed in the religious place premises. The video also has to be played.

The devotees will have to take off their shoes and slippers in their own carriage.

Use separate gates for people entering and leaving the premises.

Everyone has to wash their hands, feet with water and soap before entering the premises.

Touching of idols, books, bells, walls will be completely prohibited.

You will not be able to perform bhajan programs in groups. I can play bhajans through audio cassettes.

More people are not allowed to sit on a mat. Everyone has to carry their own mat.