National news : BJP MLA reached to give the BA examination at the age of 62, know what is the whole matter?


You must have heard many times that even after reaching a big post, he is so devoted to his studies that he continues his studies despite not taking care of his age, because there is no such age for study. The matter from Udaipur in Rajasthan.

Let me tell you that BJP MLA Phool Singh Meena arrived recently to appear for the BA examination, first of all, everyone understood that the MLA has come to inspect the center, but when they said that I have come here to give a test, then hearing this Everyone was amazed.

Let me tell you that MLA Phool Singh Meena had given up studies in order to take care of the house after his father's death nearly forty years ago but he wanted him to complete his graduation, that is why he left 62 The age of Bars has started his studies again these days, he is giving his BA exams with political science.