Narendra Modi used to sweep and wash clothes for this person! Click here to know


Everyone knows about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's journey from selling tea to the Prime Minister, but for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a person was so important that he used to work for him from sweeping to washing clothes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has mentioned this thing many times. Due to always being bad in the family, he needed a person who could show him the right path. The lawyer did this work. The lawyer's real name is Laxman Rao Emanadar.

Sahab Laxman Rao Emandar, a lawyer from Maharashtra, was working to prepare the ground for the RSS in Gujarat at that time. Lawyer Sahib Laxman Rao Imdar had the highest impression on Modi. Modi took the first step in politics at his behest.

Advocate Saheb Laxman Rao Emanadar not only guided him at every step but he kept making paths for Modi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji walked that path. Today, on the path made by him, Narendra Modi has reached the Prime Minister's journey.