Nagrota Encounter: Big disclosure, Pakistani handlers were in constant contact with terrorists, security agencies found evidence


Jaish terrorists, who were killed in Nagrota on the Jammu-Srinagar highway, were in constant contact with Pakistani handlers. Sources said that during the search, digital mobile radio has been recovered from them. During the investigation of this mobile manufactured by a Pakistani company, some messages have also been found.

From the message, it seems that around two o'clock on Wednesday-Thursday night, terrorists have infiltrated the international border. The messages stated where to reach. How are you and no problem is coming? Written at 2 o'clock in a message.

It is being speculated that the terrorists have infiltrated at two o'clock. Sources reveal that connections to digital mobile data will be discovered. However, nothing is being said by security agencies about this.

Reached the highway with a guide, search now

Sources said that after the infiltration, a guide took the terrorists to the Jammu-Srinagar highway. From here they rode in the truck. Sources said that the security agencies are in search of the guide. It has been learned that mobiles were handed over to these terrorists shortly before the infiltration.

The truck left Saror at 3.45 am

The truck stopped by security forces at the encounter site passed through Saror Toll Plaza at 3.45 am on Thursday. Meanwhile, another truck with the same number plate was last seen on Lakhanpur toll plaza on November 9. There is no record of the return of that truck going out of Jammu and Kashmir.

The truck passed four times in two months

A truck carrying the JK01 AL-1055 number plate was seen passing over the Lakhanpur Highway toll plaza four times. The truck paid the highway toll charges on 8 October, 21 October, 1 November, and 9 November.