MRNA Vaccine: Phase one of the trial on the country's first MRNA vaccine completed


The experts of the DBT department have completed phase one of the trial on the country's first mRNA vaccine. This vaccine is expected to be available by next year, through which at least one dose can develop enough antibodies.

This vaccine, prepared with the help of experts from the Department of DBT, Government of India, was first tested in animals, and after that human trials were started. At present, the first phase has been completed but there are still two phases to be completed.

Results to be shared with the expert committee

According to the information, the mRNA vaccine has been prepared by Genova Pharma Company. The study is going on in different hospitals of the country under the supervision of the company. The first phase of testing has just been completed, which the company is going to hand over to the Expert Executive Committee (SEC) this week. Based on this test result, the SEC will make a decision on further testing.

Results to be shared with the expert committee

A senior official said that during the first phase, it is seen in the vaccine whether antibodies are being made against the corona or not. Based on the information that has come out so far, it can be said that India's first mRNA vaccine has been successful in developing antibodies against corona, but its safety and antibody levels are yet to be ascertained. Therefore, the company may be allowed to complete both the next phases.

A senior Health Ministry official said that India is fighting a unique and historic battle over vaccine science. Through Covaxin, India has provided the first such vaccine which has been made through coronavirus.

Apart from this, the DNA vaccine of Zydus Cadila has also been prepared. Now work is going on on the mRNA vaccine. India will be the second country in the world to make the corona vaccine based on different technologies. After America, not only discovery but also vaccine production is happening in India.