MP: Over 22 thousand people were screened in a day, 1 out of every 39 tests (+); Number of infected exceeded 18 thousand


In Madhya Pradesh, 575 people got infected in one day on Monday. With this, the total number of patients in the state has now increased to 18 thousand 207. After 10 deaths in one day, the number of people who lost their lives due to infection has reached 663. Samples of a record 22 thousand 261 people were taken in one day in Madhya Pradesh on Monday. Of these, 248 samples were rejected. The report of 21 thousand 686 samples came negative. On Monday, one out of every 39 tests was found positive. The positive rate was 2.58%. In Madhya Pradesh, 13 thousand 208 patients have been cured. The total active case is now 4336.

88 new patients found in Bhopal

Talking about Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, 88 new cases of the corona were reported here in the last 24 hours. The transition to Corona has reached the railway station. Two infected have been found here at the RPF police station. At the same time, Corona has also entered the police headquarters. A female employee has been found corona infected here. A single employee has been infected at the Ashokgarden police station. The number of coronae infected in the capital has increased to 3781. At the same time, 122 people have died due to infection. 21 people were discharged from the Viva Hospital in the morning and returned to their homes. The number of patients recovering in the capital has increased to 2743. At the same time, there are 807 active cases left.

Considering the growing transition in Madhya Pradesh, now thinking about lockdown has started once again. 110 patients were found in Gwalior in a day, while 92 in Indore and 88 in Bhopal turned out to be positive. It has been decided to impose a curfew for 7 days in Gwalior. A week-long lockdown has also been done at Shivpuri and Ibrahimganj in Bhopal. Here, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that this time everyone will have to celebrate the festival at home.

In the Jabalpur district, infection cases have increased in the last one week. According to the decision of the District Disaster Management Group, the colony, locality where more cases are coming, lockdown can be done. The Chief Minister has said that the general lockdown should not be done. The general lockdown was on only one day a week.

Increase in the number of container areas

Even after the complete lockdown on Sunday, the number of containment areas has increased due to the increasing number of corona in the state. The figure was 1350 on Wednesday. Turned to 1462 on Friday. On Friday, 112 container areas had increased in one day. Now their number has reached 1613 on Monday. On Monday, 27 thousand 757 people were also advised through an audio-video call.