MP Neeraj Dangi made this appeal to the central government regarding the protected monuments in Rajasthan!


Rajya Sabha MP from the state Neeraj Dangi has appealed to the Narendra Modi government at the Center to make serious efforts towards the protection and maintenance of the protected monuments in Rajasthan.

Dangi said that the lack of an action plan of the government to increase revenue from these protected monuments is clearly visible. In order to increase the revenue, the department has supplied food by putting tickets for the tourists at the ancient sites of Bhangarh, Abhaneri Bawdi, and Baradari of Ajmer.

He said that the Central Government should work seriously towards the maintenance of these protected monuments and save the historical heritage of Rajasthan and develop them from the point of view of tourists.

It is worth mentioning that MP Neeraj Dangi, through a written question in the Rajya Sabha, has given detailed information about the protection and maintenance of protected monuments in Rajasthan, the total number of protected monuments and monuments located at different places, the security of the said monuments in the last 3 years and their care- Information was sought on the expenditure incurred by the Department of Tourism, Government of India on the line.